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Hemant Nandrajog

Hello and Welcome to my personal home page. The purpose of this site is to provide detail and updated information of my Resume.

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- Hemant Nandrajog.

Contact Information:

Email Address :
Network : LinkedIn
Telephone : Japan: (+81) 9025382137, (+81) 456289498
Updated: 21st October, 2016


  To lead and manage design and development department of the company for personal growth coupled with organizational and team growth utilizing knowledge base and personal experience.

Self Analysis:

Strenght Weakness Opportunities Threat (SWOT) Analysis:

Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats
Will power Dominative Work as leader in corporate companies Expectations from other can make them demotivated
Self motivated Workaholic Can excel in R&D environment High self esteem
"Nothing is Impossible" attitude More inclined to practical experience than stress on theory Work in diversified field  
Self Confident Less persuasion Can grow consistently  
Technical Grasping Power More expectations from others Better prospect with attitude for risk taking  
Team Building Passionate about work in hand Can actively pursue goals and dreams  
Multidisciplinary exposure      

S  Service
T  Teamwork
I  Innovation
R  Respect
R  Results

Skill Sets:

  In today's world soft skills are equally important apart from institute curriculum.
Keeping in view of it; I have acquired following technical and software skills:

  1. Experienced in execution of complete product development cycle (Taking ideas to mass production)
  2. Technology scouting and evaluation
  3. Product development team management (experienced with global cross functional teams)
  4. Technical expertise in Electronics Engineering (EE) development (analog, digital and power electronics circuit and PWB design, worst case analysis including power/thermal calculations)
  5. System and algorithm development including software coding experience
  6. Hands on experience with microcontrollers of Renesas, Freescale, Atmel and Cypress
  7. Circuit and System simulation with software like Spice (B2SPICE, LTSPICE,) and MATLAB (SIMULINK)
  8. Language skills: English and Japanese
  9. Hands on experience on DeltaV DCS
  10. PLC Programming (Siemens S7, Allen Bradley, Messungs and B&R)
i. Circuit Design Softwares : Mentor/Expedition System, Zuken's System Designer, ORCAD
ii. Simulation Softwares : B2SPICE, LTSPICE, MATLAB (SIMULINK)
iii. Assembly languages : Renesas's 32 bit SH series, 8085, 8086, 8051
iv. Programming Languages : C/C++, Visual Basic for Application, Visual Basic
v. HMI/GUI Software : Altia, Qt
v. Web Designing and Development : HTML, PHP, SQL, JavaScript
vii. Application Software's : MS Office, AUTOCAD, ORCAD, Electronic Workbench.
viii. Operating Systems : Windows, Linux(CentOS, Ubuntu)


Summary of work, educational and sports achievements

  1. Patent: Zero Current switching - JP2014220913A
  2. Received Visteon Summit Award 2011 and Leading the way Award 2011
  3. Fuel pump controller received Toyota Technical Award 2010
  4. Selected as member of Elite group of Masters and Specialists Design Engineers in Hitachi Automotive Systems
  5. Wrote and presented training thesis in Japanese
  6. Nissan GTR AMT Team received monetary prize within the company
  7. Winnner of Electronics device department (Hitachi Automotive Systems) bowling competition for year 2006 and 2007
  8. Winner of Basket Ball Championship in Sphurti 2000 (VESP Mumbai)
  9. Winner of Chess Championship in Sphurti 1999 (VESP Mumbai)

Work Experience:

Company: Visteon Japan Limited

Duration: Since July 2008 (Current Employer)

Job Profile: Innovation Lead (Since April 2015)

Work Profile:

  1. Idea Development – Identifying trends and emerging technology roadmaps in Consumer Electronics, and create use case and feasibility proposals for internal company reviews to secure funding for development of those ideas into proof of concepts
  2. Customer Interaction – Demonstration of company’s innovation promotypes to customer during various global technology shows, follow up with customer to understand their needs and explain company’s product roadmaps
  3. Tech Scouting – Identify emerging technologies in Japan and channel that information into the global team. Work with selected suppliers to create use case demonstrations leading to development of technology partnerships
  4. Patent Committee site manager – Guide and support patent idea generation and filing in Japan, monthly internal review of patent submitted globally
  5. Project Examples: Modular infotainment system, Aerial Image Display, Evaluation of Gesture recognition (camera, capacitance and laser based) solutions, Autonomous HMI experience simulator

Previous Roles: Senior Innovation Engineer (2011~2015), Engineering Expert (2008~2011)

Projects undertaken during the above roles are described below:

Haptics Touchpad Remote Commander with push with intent:

Duration: June 2010 ~ December 2013

Description: Design and development of Touchpad remote commander (input device) with Haptics feedback and push with intent

Work Profile:

  • Starting from an idea developed the whole Touchpad demo system for in-vehicle operation with push-with-intent feature including the HMI for proof of concept demonstration and Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in Las Vegas
  • Lead (and developed) all aspects of engineering – Systems, electronics, mechanical, algorithm and software code development for microcontroller (C/C++) and HMI/GUI (C/C++, Qt, Linux)
  • Supported tech sales team with presenting concept to various JOEMs
  • Idea picked up by Honda US which lead to advanced co-development project and involved additional features like Haptics. Lead the design for the same and also acted as customer interface on system and software (C/C++, Altia) aspects.
  • Transferred the project to Forward model team and product now in production
  • Worked with various solution providers to evaluate new technologies like touch recognition systems, haptic controllers and actuators, handwriting recognition systems, and navigation systems

Fan/pump controllers based on power conversion technology:

Duration: July 2008 ~ May 2015

Description: Design and Development of various controller as explained below

Work Profile:
  1. Fuel pump controller (FPC) for Toyota as Electronics design engineer and End-of-line Tester expert

    • Co-lead the design and development of the electronics hardware (designed purely as hardware device without any microcontroller or software)
    • Developed an Automatic test solution for in house prototype testing which reduced the overall testing time (used across other controllers project too)
    • Lead development of test specifications and End-of-line tester with production team which helped in achieving 0ppm target for Toyota Fuel Pump Controller (6 years in production with 0ppm)
  2. Radiator fan controller (RFC) for Mazda

    • Multiple roles (Lead for systems, electronics and software, ME support and customer interface) during the development of the product, Product Development Team Lead (PDTL) while transferring project to Yanfeng Visteon, China, also acted as Project Manager (PM) during prototype delivery phase
    • Complete proof of concept design for customer demonstration
    • Quotation of price and engineering resource requirement based on customer RFQ
    • Algorithms and software code design
    • Working with cross functional teams across Japan, China and India
    • Received patent on Zero Current Switching technology (JP2014220913A)
  3. Blower fan controller (BFC) for Mazda as Systems and EE lead/mentor for guiding the development team

  • Patent: Zero Current switching - JP2014220913A
  • Received Visteon Summit Award 2011 and Leading the way Award 2011
  • Fuel pump controller received Toyota Technical Award 2010

Company: Hitachi, Ltd., Automotive Systems, Japan

Duration: November 2003 ~ June 2008

Job Profile: Electronic hardware Design Engineer in 1st Electronic Device Design department of Engine Management System division.

During the work duration have worked on various projects involving control unit design for transmission and engine systems, few of which are explained below:

Dual Clutch Automated Manual Transmission (DCT AMT) control unit:

Duration: January 2004 to September 2007

Description: Design and development of electronic control unit for solenoid-based 6+1 geared dual (twin) clutch type transmission system for Nissan GT-R.

Role: Design Engineer in Hardware Group

Work Profile:I was involved in the project for the complete cycle of the project that is from quotation to mass production as a hardware design engineer. Hardware design team consisted of total of three people including me, with two people responsible for design and development and one person for management. Work involved was preparing quotation, design, analysis, and testing of the control unit and its components, preparation of documents as per customer design standards along with internal design standards. The details of few of the tasks are explained below:

    The design process involved:

    Our team was responsible for providing the design team with layout and routing requirements which involved:

    This phase involved development of test equipment and testing of control unit and its software. Some of the tasks involved were:

    1. Test Machine development
    2. Hardware Testing

    In case of new component being used following steps are taken for the procurement:

    This project involved collaboration with various other in-house teams like software, quality and assurance , production, PCB design, and device procurement teams, Customer teams, sales and technical support teams of component suppliers like Texas Instrument, Nissei Electronics, etc

Direct Injection Gasoline Engine Control Unit (DIG ECU):

Duration: June 2007 ~ till date

Description: Design and development of electronic control unit for 4 cylinder direct injection gasoline engine and new custom IC for DIG functions.

Work Profile: The steps and work involved in this project are similar to the one involve in the DCT AMT control unit development process except the circuit is different. In addition to the above-mentioned work, this project involved development and testing of a new custom IC to carry out the specific functions like generating boost voltage, current control of Injectors and High Pressure pump. Presently this project is in third phase of development and IC is in second cut stage. Work involved with respect to IC is testing of the IC as per specifications designed by our in-house IC Development team and surge, EMC, and EMI testing as per ISO/IEC/MIL and specific customer standards.

Hybrid Active Shift Transmission (HAST) control unit:

Duration: October 2004 ~ March 2005

Description: Design and development of prototype electronic control unit for motor control based hybrid active shift transmission.

Work Profile: Again this project involved similar steps and work like DCT AMT control unit development process except the circuit is different and required development of only one prototype. In addition to the above-mentioned work, I developed the hardware check software for the microcontroller.

  • Selected as member of Elite group of Masters and Specialists Design Engineer as a specialist for Test Program Software
  • Nissan GTR AMT Team received monetary prize within the company
  • Wrote and Presented training thesis in Japanese
  • Our Team was rewarded for fetching the DCT AMt project of Nissan G-TR
  • Passed Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level 3


  1. Worked as a visting faculty for Department of Instrumentation and Control of GCOEP
    1. PLC and DCS (Laboratory Practicals) for Third year and B.E.
    2. Microprocessors and Microcontroller for Third year
    3. Communication Skills for Second year
    4. Also provided Guidance for Alarm Annunciator and DCS Enhnacement Projects
  2. Worked as a Convenor and Teaching Faculty for a three-week Workshop on Basic and Advanced Industrial Automation and Advanced PLC Engineering in Department of Instrumentation and Control, Govt. College of Engineering Pune
  3. Worked as a Convenor and Teaching Faculty for a three-day Workshop on Industrial Automation in Department of Instrumentation and Control, Govt. College of Engineering Pune

Educational Qualification:

Academic Projects:

Installation and Commissioning of Automation system:

  (Academic Project in B.E. Instrumentation and Control)

Duration: July 2002 to December 2002

This project was aimed to develop a well-equiped laboratory with Advanced Automation Systems in the department of Instrumentation and Control of Government College of Engineering, Pune.

The project included:

  • Laboratory layout design
  • Panel design
  • Wiring and termination diagrams
  • Design of a scheme that enables the same number of control system inputs and outputs (I/Os) to be used for actual live process control as well as simulation of the plant
  • Installation of panel in the laboratory consisting advanced process control equipments like Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Distributed Control System (DCS)
  • Wiring the system to field
  • Loop testing
  • Interfacing the system to live processes viz. Flow loop, Heat exchanger / Boiler loop, and emergency shutdown system
  • Developing the logic and Mimic for the above processes
  • Developing simulation Mimic diagrams
  • Planning the experiments for the students
  • Making assignments
  • Providing optimized solution for the assignments

Under this project, the installation and commissioning of the following system was done in Industrial Automation Training Centre

  • DeltaV™ DCS :Emerson Process Management, Austin USA and Emerson Export Engineering Centre, India
  • Nexgen 5000 PLC system :Messung Systems, India
  • B&R 2005 PLC system :B&R Autmation, India

E-Instrumentation - An Innovation in Control Engineering:

  (Innovative Project in Young Innovators Contest of International Institute of Technology)

Duration: January 2002 to March 2002

The aim of this project was to demonstrate a secured method of controlling a plant via internet.

The project work incuded included:

Abstract for E-Instrumentation: An Innovation in Control Engineering

In the industry today, in remote automation i.e. for distributed control systems or SCADA systems, there are thousands of wire that has been routed kilometers from field to control system which costs lakhs of rupees to industries. The E-Instrumentation plan aims to reduced the number of wires to only few wires or even none (wireless), and also remove the barrier on limitation on distance of remote terminal and plant. E-instrumentation helps the plant supervisors and managers to access monitor and even control their plant anywhere in the world irrespective of the location of their plant and that too with secure communication from supervisor to plant.

The system consists of 3 subsystems as follows

  1. Control System - takes care of the control of actual plant and also provide data to the interface system.
  2. Interface System - consists of web server and hardware lock. Web server hosts the company site and is responsible for the communication between the remote user and the control system. Hardware lock provides the third level of the security.
  3. Remote System - a computer anywhere in the world connected to the Internet.

  1. Control System - since this project being a demo model, a simulation of Heat Exchanger loop was developed to act as the control system.
  2. Interface System - the software for communication with the control system was developed on web server. The web server via parallel port activates the hardware lock system.
  3. Security System - A 3 level security system as follows is provided in interface system
    1. Level 1 - a usual username and password type as used in most email sites
    2. Level 2 - at this level, user has to type a sequence of URLs in the address bar of the Explorer
    3. Level 3 - when a user has passed the above 2 levels of the security, a hardware lock in the field is activated which generates and audio-visual alarm in and depending on the position of the key switch, the user is allowed or denied the access
    4. If the user fails 3 times in providing the right information, then user is denied access.

The basic application of the system is to provide Remote Automation. As per plan to achieve this we have to install a web server in control room and then that computer is connected to Internet. But this system can be used to achieve the following target.

As we told earlier that e-instrumentation could reduce the wiring to few or even none this is how we can do it.

Present Remote Automation System:

In recent situation the wires from the field are routed to the control system, many hundreds and thousands of wire are routed to main controllers in the control room. This cost lacs of rupees and due to this the distance of control room and actual field is also limited because as distance increases the cost of wiring also increases.

Remote Automation with E-Instrumentation:

In this system, we can have main controllers in the field itself connected to the control computer and web server in the field itself and then this web server can be connected to a modem Ethernet line or may be a transreceiver. And end terminal i.e. can be anywhere will connect to the web server through Internet or Ethernet line or wireless transreceiver. So this reduces the wiring by thousand times and so is the cost reduced.

Hardwired Programmable logic Controller:

  (Academic project in Final year Diploma)

Won the Overall First Prize in Vivek Technotronics 2000 (VESP Mumbai)
Duration: June 1999 - March 2000

The aim of the project was to develop an experimental kit that will help the students to physically construct the ladder diagrams and to understand the operation of the same. The kit consisted of relays, switches, Leds and timers, which have to be wired by the student to perform the logic.

It is being used as an experimental setup for the Diploma students.


I am always enthusiastic to participate and contribute to various events, which help in information exchange.
The details of such participation is listed below:

  1. Organized a three-week Workshop on Basic and Advanced Industrial Automation and Advanced PLC Engineering in Department of Instrumentation and Control, Govt. College of Engineering Pune as Convener and Teaching Faculty.
  2. Organized a three-day Workshop on Industrial Automation in Department of Instrumentation and Control, Govt. College of Engineering Pune as Convener and Faculty.
  3. Attended the four days training on Automation Studio Introduction (ASINT) at B&R Automation on their latest PLC products
  4. Paper on Automated Guided Vehicles in Fervor 2002 (National level Paper Presentation) in Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, GCOE Pune.
  5. Paper on Very Large Scale Integration in Woofer 2002 (State Level Paper Presentation) in Dept. of Electrical Engineering, GCOE Pune.
  6. Presented Design of SMART Car in Stimulus 2002 (VIT Pune)
  7. Presented Design of Automatic Car Test Equipment in Instrufiesta 2002 (GCOEP)
  8. Presented Circuit Design on Electronic Access Machine and Automatic Attendance Machine in Vishwatronix 2002 (VIT Pune)
  9. Attended one day Workshop on Advances in Microelectronics organized by IEEE.


In the hectic schedule of curriculum and other technical and non-technical activities, I keep myself relaxed and energetic with the help of sports.
I have won following awards in sports:

  1. Winnner of 1st Electronics device department bowling competition for year 2006 and 2007
  2. Event head of Basket Ball in Sphurti 2000 (VESP Mumbai)
  3. Winner of Basket Ball Championship in Sphurti 2000 (VESP Mumbai)
  4. Winner of Chess Championship in Sphurti 1999 (VESP Mumbai)
  5. Member of class and department Cricket Team.

Personal Profile:

1) Full Name : Hemant Gulshan Nandrajog
2) Date of Birth : 21st October 1981
3) Email Address :
4) Network : LinkedIn
5) Telephone Numbers : Japan: (+81) 9025382137, (+81) 456289498
6) Present Postal Address : 5-51-22, Katakura, Kanagawaku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan 221-0865
7) Permanent Postal Address : Flat 701, Classic Residency, Plot 32, Sector 42-A, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400706

Latest Update:

Open to New opportunities, Use the contact information on right side to get in touch with me.